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1 a cloth band that is worn around the waist (as on infants until the navel has healed)
2 a strap around the belly of a draft animal holding the shafts of a wagon

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back band, backstrap, bearing rein, bit, blinders, blinds, breeching, bridle, caparison, cavesson, checkrein, cheekpiece, chinband, cinch, collar, crownband, crupper, curb, gag swivel, girt, girth, hackamore, halter, hames, hametugs, harness, headgear, headstall, hip straps, horn, jaquima, jerk line, jockey, lines, martingale, noseband, pole strap, pommel, reins, ribbons, saddle, shaft tug, side check, snaffle, stirrup, surcingle, tack, tackle, trappings, tug, winker braces, yoke
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